This approach is fascinating, and I might have to employ it soon for my own career. I must admit, I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment. And what better way to find yourself than with a tube map?

You seem to be using certifications like milestones in your career. I only have a few...

I wonder if I can map out the biggest projects I did and the skills I gained from those as milestones in my map? And maybe I can use other types of milestones? I'm just not as academically inclined.

What software did you use to make your map, by the way?

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@Alvin: Thanks for the compliment.

My perspective was framed by my outcome goal to achieve one certification a year but that's me. You can use whatever it is that helps you see the journey you've been on, the dead-ends you've encountered, and where you might be going next.

I hand-crafted the graphic using Figma but you don't need to go to such lengths. Any diagramming tool (like Lucid) will also work fine. I'm using Figma to learn how to use it to make better visuals.

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