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Nice writing for #31 I was also raised with the viewpoint from my parents that education will open doors and give us great opportunities. Which is why last year I did 3 courses, somewhat challenging to study in the evenings after work and putting the kids to bed but a real sense of achievement once done. I do totally agree with putting things live into practice is best and that's how we really grow. Travelling for me definitely broadens the mind and brings out the exploring ME but I haven't managed to get back to that since children...I'm sure it will come. Looking forward to next week's article. Have a great weekend 🙂

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> travelling helps me mitigate being narrow-minded

Same here! Though, I also think it's a pretty popular sentiment that "travel broadens the mind" so to speak.

I think nowadays, a rather underrated approach to mitigate narrow-mindedness is: reading. Not reading just anything, of course, but reading up on a random subject you never would've deliberately chosen to.

I studied engineering in university, but the undergrad administrators required us to take a few social science and humanities courses. At first I thought it was a waste of time. But because of that, I got to read a lot about history, geography, and even popular music around the world (not stuff like K-pop, but popular folk music unique to certain cultures around the world).

I never would've chosen to read up on any of this because I would've assumed it wouldn't interest me. Instead, it drove me to read up on a whole bunch of other subjects I wouldn't have previously considered. All of a sudden, the world became a much more interesting place to learn about. It's crazy.

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