Sometimes, it helps to step away from something for a while.

I work in software, and there are often times when I'm stuck trying to figure out why something's not working. I'd keep persisting into the wee hours of the night, but I just can't figure it out. Partly because I'm exhausted.

But then I get some rest, or take a walk outside in the fresh air, or get a warm, relaxing shower, then all of a sudden, a solution might come to mind.

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Funny you mention that. I've realised that I do the same thing with writing this newsletter.

I'm trying (not that successfully) to do a min/max approach so I treat it like a marathon rather than like a sprint. So a minimum of 30 min per day. A maximum of 3 hours per day. When I follow it, it seems to work well.

And coming up with genius ideas in the shower is underrated.😉

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