Thoughts on delivering bad news, what happens if you downplay it and are caught, the upsides if you lead on it, and how both context and options help…
Thoughts on the underrated importance of maintenance as I take a break from writing a full lesson to do some much-needed housekeeping to set myself up…
Thoughts on why trade-offs exist, how it's core to business analysis, and why it's important for project success.
Thoughts on how risks can be positive or negative and, if the latter, how you can manage them with the 4 T's framework.
Thoughts on why just making changes for the best of intentions but without considering the wider impact can make the situation worse overall.
Thoughts on why assumptions are endemic and, if we're going to make them, how to best manage them for our benefit.
Thoughts on how the versatility of language leads to ambiguity and misunderstandings if not addressed.
Thoughts on how expectations quickly adapt and how you can use the Kano Model to keep in sync as well as reframing your stakeholders expectations.
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The Forcing Function